Huai'an Pinxiang Industrial Design Co., Ltd.]. The professional design agency, Pinxiang Industrial Design, was established in 2013, focusing on the design and development of intelligent walking tools, providing customers with innovative services in the field of transportation industry chain design.


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PXID Product to Team Growth

Established in 2013 Pinxiang Industrial Design Co., Ltd., focusing on the design and development of intelligent pedestrian tools.

In 2014, Pinxiang won many domestic industrial design awards, welcomed the first international customer, designed electric vehicles for European customers, and won the European Design Award.

In 2015, the products designed in China have become explosive money many times, and become a well-known design agency in the industry.

In 2016, the product development has made remarkable achievements in the international market. It has formed strategic cooperation with many domestic enterprises to provide ODM services to global customers, from design to product services.

In 2017, Pingxiang will focus on the whole industry chain design and innovative services in the field of transportation, and truly achieve one-stop landing service from one idea to product sales.